Bob Merberg

Principal Consultant
Jozito LLC


After leading some of the most distinguished wellness programs* in the US, Bob Merberg now works independently to provide no-nonsense solutions and content that supports employee wellbeing.

Bob is especially committed to developing engaging, evidence-based content, including  whitepapers, blogs, and wellness product assets.

He describes his Substack newsletter, Heigh Ho, as a “spunky, fact-based dive into work, workplaces, and worker wellbeing.” Subscribe for free.

Bob’s work has consistently emphasized employee emotional wellbeing, launching the first-ever evidence-based employee happiness program, managing innovative Employee Assistance Program (EAP) partnerships, and serving as trusted advisor to companies seeking to improve employee mental health support and services. He volunteered for a year as a Crisis Text Line counselor, taught Mental Health First Aid™️ at a community health clinic, and has written whitepapers on burnout, financial wellbeing, physical activity, and employee mental health.

Bob’s programs received a Best Employer for Healthy Lifestyles award from the Business Group on Health seven times. 

The Institute for Healthcare Consumerism named him a Superstar for Employee Empowerment. And industry experts convened by the Rochester Business Journal recognized him for…

“Creativity and ability to effect measurable improvements, sustainability, and program outcomes.”

*Bob launched employee wellness programs at Loyola University Chicago, Health Plan of the Redwoods, University of Rochester, and Paychex. He served on the team that developed and implemented a program at University of California, Berkeley, where he also taught classes in employee wellness and fitness administration for the Extension program.