Bob Merberg, wellness and wellbeing consultant


Workforce Wellbeing and Sustainability

Bob Merberg
Principal Consultant

Not Just Expertise. Experience.

Bob Merberg created and personally led innovative, awarding-winning employee wellbeing programs for more than 20 years. Now, he shares his accumulated knowledge and real-world experience via Jozito LLC, a consultancy providing employers and their work teams with customized, results-oriented solutions.

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dimensions of wellness

Workforce Wellbeing

Lately, wellness programs have come to be known as wellbeing programs. The meanings of the terms have more similarities than differences.

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Modern Office for Sustainable Workforce

Workforce Sustainability

As optimal employee experience, work engagement, and retention emerge at the forefront of employers' goals, it's imperative to understand how workforce wellbeing and sustainability go hand in hand. 

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Work together on employee wellness

Help Is Here

Jozito helps you navigate the crowded field of wellness strategies and vendors to meet your goals based on current research and a vision for the future of work.

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