Resources: Workplace Mental Health and Psychological Well-Being

Employers may be challenged to find and implement evidence-based solutions to support employee mental health and psychological well-being. To help, Jozito has curated top-notch resources from around the web and around the globe.

To be included, preference was given to resources – websites (with data, toolkits, and action plans), guidelines, interventions, and case studies – that:

  • Are provided for free by a government, university, or non-profit agency.
  • Emphasize primary prevention of workplace mental health problems.
  • Are specific to the mental health and psychological well-being of workers.
  • Are up-to-date and properly maintained (e.g. no abandoned links or blogs).
  • Contribute to a diversity of media formats in the curated collection.
  • Are based on peer-reviewed research.


Employee Mental Health and Psychological Well-being

Note: Many resources listed here originate outside the United States. Some of their content may only apply to the country of origin. This includes information, data, and topics related to compliance, return-to-work, mental illness prevalence, financial costs, and the role of organized labor. Please be discerning in your use of resources from countries other than your own.

Jozito LLC does not endorse material curated on this page. Please do your own due diligence. This content is not provided as a source of help for your own mental health. If you need help with your own mental health, Mental Health America provides important information. on its website.

This collection is not all-inclusive, but can serve as a hub that ultimately helps program leaders navigate to most of the best resources available.


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