Finger painting

A new year, a new opportunity for an employee benefits trade publication to randomly drop into an article a chart that makes less sense than a child’s finger-painting. (For legit. A finger-painting can’t be wrong. The chart is blatantly wrong.)

Original Chart
This is gibberish. Let’s be careful out there!

Most recently, the chart was plunked into an article called, Wellness Programs Retain Talent — Even If Workers Don’t Use Them (a bewildering proposition in its own right).

I link to the chart’s appearances (now up to 11) in my original post about it, and included my mock-up of how the chart could be fixed to make sense:

“Engaging Wellness”​? This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

As an industry, especially one that purports to value evidence, we don’t distinguish ourselves by having such nonsense circulated unchallenged.

[Note: I do wonder if the chart is actually an advertisement that is automatically matched to certain key words in these articles. If so, it’s regrettable that it’s not labeled as an ad. And one has to wonder if the advertiser is satisfied with the value it’s getting from its ad dollar.]