vapingWellness thought leaders, under the guise of “wellness isn’t just about physical health,” brush physical health aside as if it’s no longer our concern. We’re all about connection, humanization, and collaboration.

Flu prevention? Physical activity? Nutrition? What could these possibly have to do with wellbeing?

Back in 2014, in a webinar I led with Rajiv Kumar, M.D. — now President and Chief Medical Officer of Virgin Pulse — I encouraged action to address the wave of e-cig users coming employers’ way. I admit that I’ve been surprised vaping didn’t come to a head sooner for employers, but we can’t put off the inevitable.

Employers generally have gotten away with just folding e-cigs into their no-smoking policies. Now, with estimates of more than 25% of high school students having vaped within the last 30 days, and the national spotlight shining on the risks of vaping, are employers geared up to play a role in this emerging public health crisis?

We still have a lot to learn about vaping. Here’s some basic info from the CDC to get you started.