Jozito consultant Bob Merberg offers a variety of tools and services to support your employee wellness program.

The Multi-Purpose Solution

Whether you're just starting to think about employee wellbeing, proposing an initial budget, conducting needs assessments, selecting or implementing vendor services, evaluating your program, or seeking to turn in a bold new direction, you needn't rely on trial-and-error.

Bob Merberg, founder and principal consultant for Jozito LLC, will leverage 20+ years of experience to help you achieve higher levels of success sooner.

Take the first step right now by reaching out with an initial, no-obligation inquiry.


Bob Merberg has created employee wellness programs for employers of all shapes and sizes. If your organization has taken the exciting step of committing to employee wellness, but you're not sure how to get started, Bob can help you get started on the right foot.



Sometimes a program turns into a money pit, racking up unnecessary costs and/or leaving employees on the sidelines. Don't give up. You can achieve success with the help of someone whose program's achieved a national reputation for high levels of participation and effectiveness.

short-burst support with wellness consultant bob merberg

Short-Burst Consulting

Sometimes all you need is a sounding board, or to have a wellness expert support you at a meeting.

Ask about Jozito "short-burst" consulting.

Flexible and Customizable

Bob Merberg, Jozito founder and principal consultant, committed a career to finding and creating innovative wellness solutions that put employees first and lead to a productive, engaged, sustainable workforce.

If your organization understands that supporting employee wellbeing — in all its dimensions — is in the best interest of employees and leads to superior business results, Bob can help...

  • Assess

    Jozito offers cultural and programmatic audits to help determine your organization's needs and its level of readiness for wellbeing. We also offer a customizable employee survey to help identify the strategies and offerings that are best fit.


  • Plan

    Get a realistic, measurable plan based on assessment results and/or your organization's goals.


  • Select

    Whether you're selecting a vendor for biometric screenings, health risk appraisals, multi-week challenges, a health portal, coaching, or more novel offerings like fresh-produce delivery, mindfulness, and financial wellness, wellness consultant Bob Merberg can be your discerning partner to help you get the best vendor at the best price, wherever you are in the vendor selection process.


  • Share

    Even the best wellness programs will struggle to achieve results in the absence of a a comprehensive communications strategy executed with flair and precision. Communications are a Jozito specialty. Founder Bob Merberg's programs have received national recognition for best-in-class communications.

  • Measure

    Rigorous program evaluation is essential, but employers are prone to drowning in data and finding themselves unable to navigate their way to the surface. Together, we can identify the metrics and the data that are important to your organization. With a little planning your evaluation can readily help you make a business case within your organization and/or meet your needs for continuous improvement.

  • Integrate

    Bob Merberg's experience includes several years dedicated to successfully integrating corporate dining service into a comprehensive employee wellbeing strategy. This includes vending machines, multiple employee cafeterias, and catering. Last, but not least, Bob emerged as a leader in development of innovative strategies to influence the workplace food environment to cultivate and support increasing demand for food that's delicious and nutritious.