multiple generations in an office workplace

The supposed distinctions between millennials, Gen-Z, boomers, and other generational strata — especially as they manifest in the workplace — are nonsense at worst, unconstructive at best.

As David Costanza and Lisa Finkelstein write in their article: Generationally Based Differences in the Workplace: Is There a There There?

The fact is that there is (a) minimal empirical evidence actually supporting generationally based differences, (b) ample evidence supporting alternate explanations for differences that have been observed, (c) no sufficient explanation for why such differences should even exist, and (d) a lack of support for the effectiveness of interventions designed to address any such differences.

Writing in The Atlantic, Joe Pinsker described generational labels more bluntly:

They flatten out the experiences of tens of millions of very different people, remove nuance from conversations, and imply commonality where there may be none. The social scientists are right: Generational labels are stupid.