There’s plenty of good science about job crafting, but sometimes you just want to know what it looks like in the real world… how it’s been implemented in organizations and how employees experience it.

Here are some resources to help:

  • Article in Insights by Stanford Business, featuring an interview with Justin Berg about the job crafting intervention launched, in partnership with Adam Grant’s team, at Google: Should Employees Design Their Own Jobs? offers a plain-language summary of the job crafting info Bob Merberg often explores on this blog.
  • Case Study: Job Crafting at Burt’s Bees ($3.95), follows job crafting by a customer care representative, a maintenance technician, a brand manager, and a manufacturing employee, in the context of a changing organization. This resource from the University of Michigan doesn’t address organizational job crafting interventions.
  • Case Study: Does Job Crafting Work? Podcast with Jessica Amortegui …Podcast interview with the Head of Global Learning and Development at Logitech, discussing a 2-day workshop with job crafting as its centerpiece — including how she organized the workshop and her strategy to get management and team buy-in.
  • Article: Managing Yourself — Turn the Job You Have into the Job You Want. Harvard Business Review article with illustrative account following two employees who use the job crafting process Bob Merberg described here.
  • JD-R Job Crafting: What Works? What Doesn’t? Bob Merberg’s blog post describing Demands-Resources job crafting interventions and the results they achieved with employees at a police district, health care settings, teachers, chemical plant workers, and other occupations, mostly in Europe. 

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