This paper from the University of Sydney summarizes research – and offers recommendations based on its assessment – for a range of interventions, including

  1. Designing work to minimize harm (e.g. flexible work conditions, increasing autonomy, organizational culture change)
  2. Building organizational resilience through good management (e.g. anti-bullying and anti-stigma interventions, manager and leadership training).
  3. Enhancing personal resilience (e.g. CBT-based stress management, CBT-based resilience training for high risk occupations, coaching, mindfulness)
  4. Promoting and facilitating early help seeking (e.g.psychological well-being screening, Mental Health First Aid, peer support programs)
  5. Supporting recovery and return to work (e.g. facilitating return to work through support, work-focused psychological therapy, medication, and telephonic/online psychological services)
Mental Health Journey of an Employee

Diagram of the mental health ‘journey’ of an employee, workplace mental health strategies and level of intervention