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The last interview of Jen Arnold’s Redesigning Wellness podcast…

I was honored by Jen inviting me to interview her to chat about what she’s learned from her unprecedented 250+ interviews with wellness practitioners, researchers, and thought leaders.

Jen is the most insightful, influential, and hardest working provider of employee wellness content. Her voice on the state of employee wellness and the industry is not to be missed.

What’s Really Going On In Wellness

Jen and I have gotten to know each other since she first interviewed me a few years back, and I’ve been told that listening to the initial episode — and every one we’ve done together since — is like eavesdropping on 2 friends as they reveal what’s really going on in their industry, beyond the self-serving agenda you get from most conferences, webinars, and trade publications.

Plus, Jen unflinchingly answers my questions about her own journey with the podcast and her innovations still-to-come, including a new podcast.

Highlights from My Conversation with Jen Arnold…

  • The state of the employee wellness industry today.
  • What’s bothering Jen about mental health and return-on-investment?
  • How should wellness leaders support employees in aligning with the organizational mission when that mission is believed to be less-than-honorable?
  • Jen: “We’re pretty damn human at work. And it’s messy.”
  • What is the work of the wellness professional?
  • Jen’s wellness model, with three strategic essentials, based on what she’s learned from interviews she’s conducted and from working in wellness for 20 years.
  • Me: Shifting from employee behavior-change to sketchy organizational solutions isn’t enough.
  • How the Covid pandemic has influenced employers’ wellbeing strategies (compared to how Jen hoped it would).
  • Jen’s learnings from her podcast…um… preach-outs? 🦻
  • Guests Jen would’ve liked to interview but didn’t.
  • Jen’s advice for new wellness professionals.
  • “Behind-the-scenes” secrets about the episode that never aired.
  • The format and content of Jen’s new podcast, and how it will help you in your work life and your personal life.

A Free Resource

Find the Redesigning Wellness Podcast episode (257: The End of the Redesigning Wellness Podcast with Bob Merberg) wherever you listen to podcasts (or on Jen’s website). And check out the other episodes. Jen’s created an extraordinary free resource for us, and we owe it, to ourselves and those we serve, to pay attention.

The more we know. 🌈